Silver Wine Bottle Coaster 11066-2821

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A stylish scroll Retro (1935-1950) .833 silver Wine Bottle Coaster. Fa. van Orden Steenkist & Zweed 1948.

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A stylish scroll Retro (1935-1950) .833 silver Wine Bottle Coaster. Fa. van Orden Steenkist & Zweed 1948.
Dimensions: H 3 x W 10 cm.
Weight in grams: 74.
Condition: Good condition – used with some signs of wear.


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Design Area

Area Information

At the start of the 1940s the jewelry arts were interrupted by the onset of World War II. Precious metals, especially platinum, were rare and in some instances forbidden to be sold. Palladium was substituted for the platinum being used in the war effort. In order to eek the most out of the available gold, a low karat gold alloy was used with a higher copper percentage. This resulted in gold with a subtle but distinctive reddish tinge, indeed through the cunning use of alloys, gold appeared in multiple colors within a single piece. Gold was manipulated in various ways; woven, braided and coiled. Resilla, cannetille and lacy filigree patterns reappeared in jewelry. Various textures were juxtaposed within a design putting matte finish next to bright to accentuate the design. Gold became the quintessential jewelry metal of the 1940s and 50s.

Material Information


Silver is a white metallic element, harder than gold, softer than copper and second only to gold in malleability and ductility. Represented on the Periodic Table of the Elements by the symbol Ag, silver is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Silver is considered one of the noble metals because of it is excellent resistance to oxidation. Historically, silver has played a prominent role in the production of jewelry an objets d'art and is usually alloyed with another metal to harden it enough to maintain the desired shape and details imparted to it.


H 3 x W 10 cm

Weight (in grams)



Good condition – used with some signs of wear

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