Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Silver Salt cellar 10822-2759

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A fine quality Antique silver Salt cellar. Berthold Hermann Muller import London 1912.

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Details: Silver Salt cellar, Berthold Hermann Muller import London 1912.
Dispatches from a small business in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Design Era: Edwardian (1901-1915).
Dimensions: H 7 cm. W 3 cm..
Weight in grams: 81.
Condition: Excellent condition – barely used with minimal signs of wear.


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Design Area

Area Information

The Edwardian period (1901-1915) began with the death of Queen Victoria, when her son Edward became King. During this period, many of the Edwardian-designed pieces incorporated more expensive gems such as diamonds, emeralds, and rubies in elaborate designs.

Material Information


Silver is a white metallic element, harder than gold, softer than copper and second only to gold in malleability and ductility. Represented on the Periodic Table of the Elements by the symbol Ag, silver is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Silver is considered one of the noble metals because of it is excellent resistance to oxidation. Historically, silver has played a prominent role in the production of jewelry an objets d'art and is usually alloyed with another metal to harden it enough to maintain the desired shape and details imparted to it.


H 7 cm. W 3 cm.

Weight (in grams)



Excellent condition – barely used with minimal signs of wear

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