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  • Ivory, Silver, Napkin Ring 0590EES

  • Diamond, Gold, Silver Ring 0844LA

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Gold, Platinum Pendant 1863GM

  • Turquoise, Gold Pendant 2034SHU

  • Citrine, Gold Ring 2022SHU

  • Diamond, Emerald, Gold Ring 2004SHU

  • Pearl, Turquoise, Silver Necklace 2022GM

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 0766LA

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 0759LA

  • Lapis Lazulis, Silver Mirror 1059SY

  • Silver Tea Set 1011SY

  • Enamel, Silver Brooch 0765LA

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 0007LK

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 17006LA

  • Glass, Vase 0960EES

  • Glass, Vase 0744EES

  • Silver Sugar Castor 2448LS

  • Spoon Set 1898LS

  • Silver Spoon Set 1673LS

  • Silver Stamp Holder 2480LS

  • Silver Serving Spoon And Cake Server 1921EES

  • Silver Plate 0262EES

  • Onyx, Gold Earrings 6193EE

  • Silver Spice Tower 2591LS

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 1995GM

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 1993GM

  • Opal, Gold Ring 1987GM

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 1984GM

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Gold Earrings 0841LA

  • Gold Necklace 2057GM

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Pendant 4931AP

  • Gold Cufflinks 7011CN

  • Silver Frame 1807LS

  • Glass, Bowl 1925EES

  • Coral, Diamond, Gold Earrings 0139TD

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Gold Earrings 0840LA

  • Opal, Gold Ring 0020LK

  • Silver Plated Spoon Set 0263LS

  • Silver Candlesticks 2372LS

  • Glass, Silver Basket 1835LS

  • Silver Wine Bottle Coaster 1901LS

  • Silver Candlesticks 0351LS

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 0837LA

  • Enamel, Silver Napkin Ring 2569LS

  • Silver Napkin Ring 2567LS

  • Silver Napkin Ring 2563LS

  • Silver Glass 1643LS

  • Glass, Vase 1592EES

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