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  • Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, Garnet, Ruby, Ring 0113LK

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 4948AP

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 1403GM

  • REGARD: Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby, Ring 1318SY

  • Diamond, Garnet, Gold Ring 2023SHU

  • Silver Wager cup 1926EES

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 18005LA

  • Silver Salt cellar 1691LS

  • Marcasite, Opal, Pearl, Silver Ring 0854LA

  • Onyx, Pearl, Gold Earrings 0973SY

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Ring 6237LA

  • Diamond, Emerald, Platinum Earrings 4964AP

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Ring 4965AP

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Ring 4959AP

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Ring 4955AP

  • Aquamarine, Diamond, Platinum Ring 4950AP

  • Diamond, Gold Earrings 2083GM

  • Diamond, Gold Cufflinks 2072GM

  • Diamond, Gold Cufflinks 2070GM

  • Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Gold Earrings 1998GM

  • Silver Condiments 2587LS

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Ring 2097GM

  • Silver Hanukkiah 2589LS

  • Aquamarine, Diamond, Gold Ring 0110LK

  • Diamond, Ruby, Ring 2109GM

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Ring 4938AP

  • Diamond, Platinum Earrings 2084GM

  • Diamond, Gold Earrings 2015SHU

  • Diamond, Emerald, Platinum Ring 4916AP

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Ring 4945AP

  • Diamond, Onyx, Platinum, Gold Pendant 1911GM

  • Gold Cufflinks 0502LA

  • Diamond, Platinum Earrings 4789AP

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 17021LA

  • Diamond, Platinum Earrings 4919AP

  • Diamond, Opal, Gold Ring 0011LK

  • Opal, Gold Bracelet 0338DB

  • Diamond, Ruby, Platinum Ring 1830GM

  • Silver Yad 2593LS

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Ring 0619GM

  • Silver Hanukkiah 2590LS

  • Diamond, Pearl, Gold Earrings 17011LA

  • Gold, Silver Earrings 0597LA

  • Silver Spice Tower 2592LS

  • Silver Box 0796EES

  • Glass, Silver, Overlay Coasters 0257EES

  • Amethyst, Diamond, Gold, Silver Earrings 0043ZI

  • Diamond, Onyx, Platinum Ring 0420RM

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