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  • Opal, Gold Ring 6220LA

  • Aquamarine, Diamond, Platinum Pendant 4443AP

  • Silver Condiments 2651LS

  • Enamel, Silver Condiments 2023LS

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Gold Ring 4669AP

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 4640AP

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 6224LA

  • Diamond, Opal, Gold Ring 6223LA

  • Diamond, Ruby, Gold Ring 6218LA

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 4943AP

  • Silver Napkin Rings 2465LS

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Ring 6232LA

  • Diamond, Ruby, Gold Ring 4680AP

  • Silver Condiments 2460LS

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Ring 4970AP

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Gold Ring 1672GM

  • Enamel, Condiments 2644LS

  • Agate, Topaz, Gold Brooch 2026SHU

  • Diamond, Opal, Gold Ring 0283DB

  • Aquamarine, Diamond, Gold Earrings 6196EE

  • Aquamarine, Diamond Earrings 4325AP

  • Diamond, Platinum, Gold Necklace 6191EE

  • Enamel, Silver Candlesticks 2650LS

  • Silver Spoon Set 2514LS

  • Diamond, Pearl, Earrings 6219LA

  • Diamond, Emerald, Ring 6226LA

  • Opal, Ruby, Gold Ring 0102LK

  • Silver Miniature 2487LS

  • Silver Brooch 6221LS

  • Enamel, Silver-gilt Spoon Set 2642LS

  • Silver, Napkin Ring 0544EES

  • Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, Gold, Silver Brooch 0378DB

  • Silver Box 2630LS

  • Diamond, Opal, Platinum Ring 4963AP

  • Silver Wager cup 2583LS

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 0719LA

  • Emerald, Gold Earrings 0064LK

  • Diamond, Ruby, Gold Earrings 0060LK

  • Amethyst, Gold Earrings 0058LK

  • Aquamarine, Pearl, Pendant 0080LK

  • Dearest (Mix stone), Gold Earrings 0057LK

  • Diamond, Emerald, Gold Ring 6364LA

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 6197EE

  • Diamond, Emerald, Onyx, Platinum Ring 4746AP

  • Jade, Pearl, Gold Ring 0115LK

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 1268GM

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 1091GM

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 0304GM

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