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  • Diamond, Gold Earrings 2008GM

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Gold Ring 0761LA

  • Diamond, Ruby, Platinum Ring 1885GM

  • Diamond, Ruby, Gold Ring 0767LA

  • Diamond, Enamel, Gold Ring 0711LA

  • Diamond, Enamel, Platinum Earrings 5001EE

  • Enamel, Gold Earrings 6194EE

  • Coral, Diamond, Gold Earrings 2000GM

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 5002EE

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 0020OB

  • Diamond, Ruby, Gold, Silver Earrings 0805CS

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 4939AP

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Ring 4934AP

  • Ruby, Gold Ring 0356LA

  • Ruby, Rose Cut Diamond, Gold Ring 0111TD

  • Garnet, Gold Earrings 0077ZI

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 0438RM

  • Opal, Gold Pendant 0333DB

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 1691GM

  • Amethyst, Pearl, Gold Pendant 0747SY

  • Amethyst, Diamond, Gold Earrings 0047ZI

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Gold Ring 1193GM

  • Diamond, Emerald, Platinum Ring 4932AP

  • Diamond, Platinum, Sapphire, Ring 4926AP

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Ring 4780AP

  • Diamond, Earrings 0770LA

  • Diamond, Moonstone, Platinum Ring 4920AP

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Ring 4918AP

  • Aquamarine, Diamond, Gold Ring 0756LA

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Ring 4804AP

  • Diamond, Platinum Earrings 6166EE

  • Diamond, Gold Earrings 0120TD

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Ring 4904AP

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 0745LA

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Gold, Platinum Ring 17020LA

  • Diamond, Emerald, Onyx, Platinum Ring 4900AP

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Gold Ring 0701LA

  • Diamond, Ruby, Platinum Ring 0020VI

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 4767AP

  • Diamond, Gold Earrings 17004LA

  • Gold Earrings 1103SY

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 0107FF

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Ring 0010VI

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 0016VI

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 4887AP

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 1680GM

  • Coral, Gold Necklace 0106TD

  • Gold Bracelet 0304DB

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