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  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Ring 4800AP

  • Gold Necklace 1375SY

  • Moonstone, Gold Necklace 1374SY

  • Crystal, Opal, Silver, Necklace 1373SY

  • Diamond, Pearl, Sapphire, Gold Brooch 1981GM

  • Diamond, Gold Bracelet 2203GM

  • Citrine, Gold Bracelet 2202GM

  • Gold Bracelet 2201GM

  • Diamond, Emerald, Platinum Ring 2131GM

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 4978AP

  • Pearl, Turquoise, Gold Ring 0846SY

  • Diamond, Plique-à-jour, Gold, Platinum Pendant 0419DB

  • Diamond, Platinum Earrings 4675AP

  • Ruby, Gold Brooch 0433DB

  • Gold Pendant 0413DB

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Gold Ring 0410DB

  • Micromosaic, Gold Pendant 0417DB

  • Silver, scissor case 1139SY

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Earrings 1925GM

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 0036VI

  • Diamond, Pearl, Gold Ring 1950GM

  • Morganite, Pearl, Gold Ring 0119LK

  • Moonstone, Gold Ring 1310SY

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum Ring 4627AP

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 1894GM

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 6203EE

  • Lava Rock, Gold Brooch 1324SY

  • Silver Candlesticks 2578LS

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 0112FF

  • Diamond, Ruby, Gold Ring 0339DB

  • Gold Bracelet 0366DB

  • Silver Box 2633LS

  • Diamond, Kyanite, Gold Earrings 6198EE

  • Diamond, Gold Ring 0095ZI

  • Silver Miniature 2632LS

  • Coral, Gold Earrings 0062EE

  • Diamond, Gold Earrings 6287LA

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 4788AP

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 4833AP

  • Diamond, Sapphire, Ring 4711AP

  • Diamond, Emerald, Platinum Ring 4947AP

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 4734AP

  • Diamond, Emerald, Platinum Ring 2094GM

  • Diamond, Platinum Ring 4880AP

  • Marcasite, Opal, Pearl, Silver Ring 6279LA

  • Enamel, Pearl, Silver Locket 6265LA

  • Enamel, Marcasite, Pearl, Silver Pendant 6264LA

  • Diamond, Opal, Gold Ring 6235LA

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